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Did you know that the Oldtime Farming Festival donates farm and farm history books to the Centerburg Public Library?
Submitted by Gloria Parsisson
Courtesy of The Village Photographer
Courtesy of The Village Photographer
The Oldtime Farming Festival tries to give Festival goers a glimpse into the area's farming past with displays of old equipment, demonstration of how they work and other crafts of the day, hay rides, games from the past and pictures and stories of farm and community life.

In 2019 the History Center looked into local farm families and how life was. It was common that families started out with 100 to 200 acres and that enabled them to care for the family of multiple generations; farming was a family business with all members sharing in the work and most expecting to pass down the land and operations to the next generation. The farm provided many things for the family: orchard, garden, eggs, meat, milk, cheese, and grain for flour, wood for lumber and burning. Sometimes lime was gathered for bricks for building. All the land and its products had to be made into a usable state and most of the food needed preserved for winter.
Not everyone loved farming; some choose businesses that supported farming and other used their talents and skills to help supplement the farm income in lean times.
The Oldtime Farming Festival
History Center features insight into "oldtime" farming and community life.
We looked in-depth at several families to better understand their way of life, both farming and town life. Some of the families will be Bells, Saunders/Owen/Metzger, Coonfare/Barr, Rinehart/Douglass/Loveridge, Updike.
Of special note was a display on Ray Bell of Rich Hill and Centerburg and the cartoons he drew for the Ohio Farmer, Country Gentleman and Farm Journal including a regular strip called Paw Tucker.
Hope to see you in the History Tent in 2020 on September 26 and 27, 10am to 5pm!