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Buckeye Country Cloggers
Next Door 4
Marina Myers
Music Men of London
McManaway Quartet
Next Door 4 is a local Centerburg/ Central Ohio band. They play a wide array of classic rock and songs that the band members grew up listening to, and maybe you did too! Their goal is to rock out, have fun and keep a family-friendly atmosphere. Next Door 4 members are, from left, Nathan Hartman, Joel Sanchez, Sonjua Cantrell and George Blocker.
Spangler Sisters/ Country Travelers Band
The Mercy River Quartet members are Craig Mulpas from Centerburg and his son Chris from Dover, and Jeff Lowe and Gary Price, both from Massillon. According to their bio, Mercy River Quartet has committed themselves to serving The Lord and sharing the gospel in song. Mercy River will have you laughing and crying; Christians will be encouraged and blessed and the unbeliever will feel the tug of The Holy Spirit on his or her heart. A worship service or concert led by Mercy River Quartet is one focused on Jesus Christ and is sure to bless your heart. Fans of local gospel groups will remember Craig Mulpas from the Landmark Quartet.
Marina Myers, Centerburg's own classically trained pianist, is a native of Russia. She married Greg Myers of Centerburg and has been enthusiastically participating in community events ever since. Last year she was joined by Susie Oswalt, local choir director, who led the crowd in an "oldies sing-along" with music going back to the '40's and '50's. Marina's current day job is accompanying seven Gahanna High School choirs. If you love good piano, you won't want to miss Marina.
The quartet that became the Music Men of London because of a local production in London (OH) of The Music Man in 1998 has had many members. The current group of four has been singing together since 2006. Members include tenor Matt Tlachac, bass and organizer Paul Oswalt (formerly of Centerburg), lead Jeff Gates and baritone Craig Chadwell. The MMOL have raised thousands of dollars for charities singing for benefits. Some of the highlights of their performances have been at Franklin Park Conservatory (2016 was the fourth year), on WTTE Channel 28's Good Day, Columbus, for a benefit at Macy's at Easton and riding in the 2015 Worthington Hills 4th of July Parade by invitation. Oswalt, the son of Jim and Susie Oswalt of Centerburg, has been the organizer and the bass for the group since 2005. Their web site is musicmenoflondon.webs.com
Mack Shepard isn't necessarily a household word in Centerburg, but then, most residents of Morrow County aren't. Mack was the caller for the Delaware County Square Dancing Tractors, which IS a name that is a household word in Centerburg. He also calls for other groups in other parts of the state. Several members of the Tractor group became members of The Oldtime Farming Festival. Even though the Dancing Tractors retired last year, Mack and three of the drivers stayed with the OFF, and Mack is the president this year...
A couple of years ago, Mack had managed to get a few teenagers interested in learning to square dance on Saturday night of the Festival on the blacktop area, a place that saw a lot of square dancing in the earlier days of the Festival. He had some canned square dance music and some time and, well, he just thought he'd show them how.
Now, square dancing, even though not always big around here, is really big in other places - so big that it is the official State Dance for 19 of our states! Square dancing is definitely an activity that fits right in with our theme.

Mack Shepard
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Courtesy of The Village Photographer
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Mercy River Quartet
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Ryan Bandy
Steve Mathis
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