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Marina Myers, Centerburg's own classically trained pianist, is a native of Russia. She married Greg Myers of Centerburg and has been enthusiastically participating in community events ever since. Last year she was joined by Susie Oswalt, local choir director, who led the crowd in an "oldies sing-along" with music going back to the '40's and '50's. Marina's current day job is accompanying seven Gahanna High School choirs. If you love good piano, you won't want to miss Marina.
Courtesy of The Village Photographer
Questions can be directed to Nicole McVicker: 740-625-5538
Fox Valley Harvest are a roots driven band with influences that span the colorful spectrum of Americana music. The organic original songwriting and rich vocal harmonies weave a musical tapestry as relevant today as in times of the past. The performing band is Brant Gipson on banjo and guitar, Scott Maruskin on bass and ukulele, Mark Hixson on the guitar, Allison Joyner on Fiddle,  Steve Frye on washboard and percussion and a three pice horn section with Jason Ferrell, Steve Springer, and Craig Harpley.
Born and raised in Centerburg, Ohio, Tyler Ross' goal with his music is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to those who hear. Since Tyler was very young, he had a passion for music. He plays drums, acoustic guitar, and bass for his Church. John Donne once wrote, "Human beings necessarily depend on one another, as in, You can't manage this all by yourself; no man is an island." Tyler uses this quote in daily life. He believes music can make one another connect more than a conversation will. Ross believes God can and will use him to further his kingdom with music. Though, he hasn't made any records, he plans to someday write his own music and pursue his passion for music.

The Lucky Penny Sisters is comprised of two talented sisters that were born and raised in Delaware, Ohio.  Leslie Alexander and Caitie Thompson are both passionate musicians who love what they do and have an awesome time doing it!  They specialize in complex harmonies and high energy performances that please crowds of all ages!  Perfecting covers from the Golden Oldies to todays Top 40, these girls know good music, and how to deliver it to the crowd!
Courtesy of Fox Valley Harvest
Courtesy of Lucky Penny Sisters
Jacob Lones is a 21 year-old up and coming artist from rural Ohio.  While his day job is in construction, his passion has been music from a very young age. Jacob just released his first single, Fence Row Kids, in October of 2016, and his first self-written EP in July of 2017. His band plays an upbeat mix of covers from modern and classic country to classic rock.   

The Wayfarers, hailing from rural Southeast Ohio, emerged onto the scene in early 2010 playing their own form of American Roots music. While much of their repertoire is drawn from the Appalachian tradition they revere, The Wayfarers fuse tight musicianship - centered largely by the fiddle - with the high energy that characterized early mountain music. With old-time radio shows setting the example, their style encompasses Appalachian dance music, traditional mountain fiddle tunes, and pre-bluegrass music of the 1920's - resulting in a dose of nostalgic Americana. Their spirited approach to live performance is infectious, and people of all ages are drawn in to the sounds of thumping washtub bass, driving guitars, sawing fiddles, and rich harmonies. Whether it's at a large festival or barn square dance, a rock venue or a busy street corner, The Wayfarers continue to carry this music forward with creativity and authenticity, making it contemporary and fun.
Courtesy of The Wayfarers
One Less Stone Quartet is a dedicated ministry to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our concert messages are centered around keeping the Faith during struggling times. Quartet members include Kim Leimbach, Joe Augello, Shaun Hartong and Mark McCullough.

Chestnut Ridge is a Bluegrass/Gospel group out of the Knox County/central, Ohio area. They having been playing for well over 10 years and have a strong following young and old. Their dedication to serving our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is their drive. While they primarily play gospel, they also like to add some traditional bluegrass tunes. The group has been seen all over Ohio and surrounding states. They have made numerous CD's and you can find them in many videos on youtube. Their passion and professionalism can be seen as soon as they take the stage.
Courtesy of Chestnut Ridge
The Salty Caramels
Columbus was missing something. And in the fall of 2012, four sultry women set out to fill that void by forming Columbus's best all female band! Our music is the perfect blend of salty and sweet, just like Columbus's favorite ice cream flavor. We will rock your socks off with our sassy yet nostalgic tunes. Band members: Emily Ng, Sarah Overdier, Paige Vandiver and Molly Winters. You'll hear us sing and play guitar, bass, drums, saw, kazoo, washboard, glockenspiel, and more!
Courtesy of The Salty Caramels
Wayne King and Great Country Band - square dancing
Wayne King has been a square dance caller for over 50 years.  He often collaborates with Great Country Band for square dance events.  Great Country has been playing for clubs, fairs, and private parties for 15 years.  The band plays classic country and rock & roll.  Band members include: JR Tackett singing vocals and playing rhythm guitar, Terry Martin on the steel guitar, Earl Scoles lead guitar and background vocals, Bill Gates bass guitar, and Tom Drake on drums.

Courtesy of Tyler Ross
Courtesy of Jacob Lones
Courtesy of One Less Stone Quartet