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Contests and Games tent keeps the whole family busy.
Money, t-shirts and other prizes can be won at The Oldtime Farming Festival Contests and Games tent.
Check the list below to see who won at the 2018 Festival!
Apple Peeling Contest
All ages. Apples and paring knives are provided. The object is to peel as long a peeling as possible without breaking it. Contests & Games helper will measure peeling with a yardstick. Winner is usually around 70-72 inches.
Arm Wrestling Tournament
Gender divisions. Ages 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-17, 18-up. Standard arm wrestling rules using right  hands. Winner in each division gets a t-shirt.
Bale Toss
Gender divisions. Ages 9-11, 12-14, 15-17, 18-up. Contestants throw a standard size bale of straw from behind a designated line. The point where the bale hits the ground first is marked as the distance of the throw. Contestants are allowed two attempts. A t-shirt is given in each age/gender division.
Bubble Gum Bubble-blowing Blowout
5-under, 6-10, 11-13, 14-adult. Each contestant is provided one piece of bubble gum. After a period of time for all to soften their gum by chewing, contestants may blow a bubble to be measured from side view with yardstick by contest helper. The biggest bubble (usually 3.5 inches) in each age group wins a t-shirt.
Cake Walk
All ages. .25 entry fee. Each entrant is given a large numbered mat; mats are placed on the ground in a circle outside the games tent. When all 30 numbers are given out, or when no more people want to enter, music is played for all entrants to walkin a circle. When the music stops,each entrant finds a number to stand on and a number is drawn from a container. Whoever is standing on the chosen number may choose one of the cakes baked as a prize. Sometimes more than one number may be drawn and more than one cake given for one "walk". There is no limit the number of times one person may enter.
Chicken Dance Contest
All ages. "The Chicken Dance" will be played for all entrants to dance. The music will repeat and continue to play until the judges are satisfied. Entrants are encouraged to create some type of chicken costume prior to entering.
Ciphering Match
$5 prizes given in each of grades K-4, $10 in grades 5-8, $50.00 high school, and $100 adult. Two contestants at a time in each division work age-appropriate addition problems on a chalkboard. First contestant to get the correct answer wins the heat. Contestants in each age or grade division are eliminated one at a time until one remains as the winner.
Euchre Tournament
18 and older. $3 fee. Regular rules for Euchre; some special terms may be announced prior to play. First, second, and third places each day get cash rewards.
Husband-calling Contest
Contestants "call a husband". Judges decide which is the most effective. First prize gets a t-shirt.
Jigsaw Puzzle Contest
Amateur Class (team of two people) and Master Class (team of up to three people). Four puzzles are available for the Amateur Class and two puzzles are available for the Master Class. Master Class teams may use two card tables. Time is recorded when team begins and finishes. Team in each class with the best time will win t-shirts and MasterClass winners will be given one of the puzzles and t-shirts.
Longest Beard Contest
Contest helper will measure from bottom of chin to end of longest beard hair with yardstick. Longest beard wins a t-shirt.
Nail-driving Contest
Gender divisions. 5-under (styrofoam board), 6-8, 9-11, 12-14, 15-17, 18-up. Contestants race each other two at a time by pounding a nail into a board. Hammers, nails, and goggles are provided. The first contestant to drive his or her nail all the way into the board without it bending is the winner. Contestants are eliminated one at a time until there is one t-shirt winner in each age/gender division.
Old-fashioned Oratory Competition
Youth and adult divisions. Each contestant will give a speech of five minutes or less on any topic concerning rural life. Judges will award $25 prize in the K-6 category and a $50 prize in the 7-12 and adult age divisions.
Rolling Pin Throwing Contest
Women. Contestants are chosen in order of sign-up. Each contestant stands behind a marked line to throw a rolling pin into a large container. If more than one contestant gets the rolling pin in the container, the throwing distance is increased and the successful throwers compete again. This is repeated until only one person succeeds. If no contestant gets the rolling pin in the container in the first round,any contestant whose throw hits the outside of the container will compete again. A t-shirt is given to one winner.
Sack Races
6-8, 9-11, 12-14, 15-up. Each contestant is given a burlap sack to race in. The contestants in each race line up to wait for the start signal. At the signal, the racers hop to a goal (usually a folding chair), hop around the goal, and return to the starting line. First one over the finish line is the winner. If there is a large number of racers, the age division may be split into two or more heats. A t-shirt is given in each age division.
Spelling Bee
Grade 6-adult. Single elimination. Words are given from a standard fifth-grade spelling list. Contestant may ask to have the word repeated, used in a sentence, or defined. A t-shirt is given to one winner.
Seed-spitting Contest
5-under, 6-12, 13-up. Each contestant receives two seeds and is allowed two "spits". The "spitting field" is made up of sheets, tablecloths, and/or blankets spread on the ground. Spitters take turns standing at the edge of the spitting field to spit their seeds one at a time as far as possible without crossing the edges of the field. The better of the two spits will count. The contestant that is able to spit his or her seed the farthest is the winner. A t-shirt is given in each age division.
Three-legged Races
6-8, 9-11, 12-14, 15-up, adult with child age 10 or younger, teams of two. Each team receives a burlap sack. One member of the team puts right foot and leg in sack; other member, left foot and leg. The two legs in the bag must operate as one leg. Rules are similar to Sack Races. Teams with two members in more than one age division must compete at level of older member of the team. Winning teams receive t-shirts.
Wrench Throwing Contest
Men. Same rules as those for Rolling Pin Throwing Contest.
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Guess the Beans in the Jar
Questions can be directed to Anna Smith: 740-358-2256
Bernie Sigmund
girls 5-under:
boys 5-under:
girls 6-7:
boys 6-7:
girls 8-10:
boys 8-10:

Priscilla Smith
Braden Banhorn
Natalie Wingert
Daniel Alatis
Carris Knapp
Peter Russo

girls 11-13:
boys 11-13:
girls 14-16:
boys 14-16:
girls 17:
boys 17:
women 18-up:
men 18-up:

Melody McLaughlin
Tyler Zembo
Amelia Smith
Sheldon Hardwick

Daniel Hardwick
Amy Klugh
Daniel Hardwick
ages 5-6:
ages 7-9
girls 10-12:
boys 10-12:
William Hardwick
Steven Hardwick
Carris Knapp
Gauge Stepp
girls 13-15:
boys 13-15:
girls 16-17:
boys 16-17:
women 18-up:
men 18-up:
Amelia Smith
Matthew Caudill
Olivia Banta
Daniel Hardwick
Jess Scott
Chris Scott

best dancer:
most resembles a chicken:
group or couple:
had the most fun:

Addison Scott
French and Cooper Zembo
Nathaniel Brady
grade 1:
grade 2:
grade 3:
grade 4:
grade 5:
Daniel Alatis
Steven Hardwick
Taylor Frye
Alanah Wright
Karis Knapp
grade 6:
grade 7:
grade 8:
high school:
Ellie Brittenham
Caedmon Platt
Tyler Zemies
Anna Brittenham
Ginny Wright
first place:
second place:
third place:

Linda Scaggs
Kenny Kasson
first place:
second place:
third place:

Dave Wade
Linda Scaggs

Amy Klugh
amateur class:
master class:
Darren Hardwick
girls 5-under:
boys 5-under:
girls 6-8:
boys 6-8:
girls 9-11:
boys 9-11:
Priscilla Smith

Lacey McLaughlin
Thomas Hardwick
Ellie Brittenham
Julius McLaughlin

girls 12-14:
boys 12-14:
girls 15-17:
boys 15-17:
women 18-up:
men 18-up:
Hope Brady
Lincoln Hennell
Kayla Faught
Elijah Brady
Heather hennell
Zach Winnings

Carris Knapp
Tyler Zembo
Felicia Liwosz
Amy Klugh
ages 5-under:
ages 6-8:
ages 9-11:
ages 12-14:
ages 15-adult:
ages 5-under:
ages 6-8:

ages 9-12:
ages 13-14:
ages 15-17
ages 18-adult:
Remy Bishop
Quinton Bishop
Julius Meyers
Julius McLaughlin
Charles Bush

Ryan Meyers
ages 5&under:
ages 6-8:
ages 9-11:
ages 12-14:
ages 15-17:
adult & child 10 or under:

Madeline & Mathias Knapp
Carris Knapp & Elie Brittenham
Tyler Campbell & Tyler Zemboll
Lacey McLaughlin & Olivia Banta
Lauren Banta & Francie Zemboll
Asa Knapp & Olivia Banta tied with
Gabbie & Rachel Wingelt
Kyle Talbott & Brad Brittenham
Asa Knapp & Anna Brittenham
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Cornhole Tournament
Longest Ponytail
Hope Brady
Courtesy of The Village Photographer
Courtesy of The Village Photographer
Courtesy of The Village Photographer
Courtesy of The Village Photographer
Levi & Kent Knapp

Nick Meyers
Carris Knapp
Rosalie Bradley
Ryan Meyers
Susan McKinley
Laura Banda
The Oldtime Farming Festival
Courtesy of Danya Platt
Tug-O-War New in 2018!
kids vs kids
ages 6-8:
ages 9-10:
ages 11-15:

big group:

Zoe Chester & William Hardwick
Steven Hardwick & Zeph Stover
Truman Chester, Mempus Wilson, Isa Ross

Julius McLaughlin, Brielle Hardwick, Liam Sorgen, AJ Davis
Courtesy of The Village Photographer
Amelia Smith
Cora Schreiber
Nathan Bishop
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Courtesy of The Village PhotographerCourtesy of The Village PhotographerCourtesy of Danya PlattCourtesy of The Village PhotographerCourtesy of The Village PhotographerCourtesy of The Village PhotographerCourtesy of Danya PlattCourtesy of The Village PhotographerCourtesy of The Village PhotographerCourtesy of The Village PhotographerCourtesy of Danya PlattCourtesy of The Village PhotographerCourtesy of The Village PhotographerCourtesy of The Village PhotographerCourtesy of The Village Photographer